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Oregon Tech would like to honor all of our fallen and wounded warriors by hosting an event that represents the valor, selfless service, and tenacious fortitude that these fallen and wounded warriors have proven to contain.

This event specifically symbolizes our Special Operations Community (SOC) by offering the same challenges those individuals have had to face to become the best and sacrifice the most to protect this great nation. In dedication to the members of SOC, OVA would like to challenge the willingness and determination of any team willing to see if they have what it takes to strive for the best.



The fallen and wounded warriors that have gone before us through battles time and time again. To honor the greatness in what they were, are, and will be.



That so many have made contributing in the future of generations to come; giving everything they have in blood, sweat, and tears.

Iron Owl Challenge


That most will never understand; haven given more to our country and pledging to continue support and stand by each other’s sides.


American Tradition

In those never losing the passion and will to fight for what is pure in their heart; believing in the Red, White, and Blue.


Contact Information

AJ Davila, Iron Owl Event Coordinator