Event Information

The Iron Owl Challenge Cadre will host a physical/mental challenge at the Oregon Institute of Technology campus located in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

The events in the challenge will all be military-based from disciplines of the Special Operations communities within the US military. This challenge will test not only your physical condition and limitations, but it will also test your ability to think and remain calm in stressful environments. Most importantly, it will test your ability to be a Team Player.

Team Registration

To participate in this event, it will cost $400 per team.

  • The team will consist of four people - mixed gender is encouraged but not required. All accommodations for mixed gender grading per military protocol will be followed (i.e. Physical Fitness Tests per Army and Marine Corps standards).
  • There will be one captain per team.
  • Every team will be allowed up to two alternates. Alternates will not participate, or will not be allowed to change out with an original team member unless-
    1. An original team member is injured and can no longer participate;
    2. An original team member has an emergency and forfeits the spot for the rest of the event;
    3. Or a team member can no longer perform the required events and forfeits the spot on the team and forfeits the winning prize as well.

The team captain will be notified via email if there are any changes or updates to this event.

The full registration fee needs to be paid within 2 weeks of notification from an Iron Owl Challenge Cadre member that confirms team placement in the challenge. Please make checks payable to: KCDC-Iron Owl Challenge.