Don't think you need a computer nerd? If you have any of the following problems, our on-site computer service technicians help:

  • Slow computer
  • Virus or Spyware
  • Computer startup problems
  • Printer not printing
  • Not connecting to the Internet
  • Scanner not working
  • The "blue screen of death"
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Nerds R Us is a Computer and Graphic Design company dedicated to serving small and mid-size organizations. We deliver fast, effective resolution of technical and graphic design issues, allowing our clients to spend more time focusing on their business. We service various industry segments in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

 :: MANAGEMENT TEAM, the nerds...


Mac McCune


Owner / Art Director


Mac started working as a creative designer for Spectravest a San Francisco based company in the early 80's then continuing his work in the retail design market, designing for companies such as JC Pennys, Macys, Mervyns Nature Wonders. Mac is a certified Disney artist having went through the process while designing for Coast Connection the holders of intentional distribution of Disney retail designs.


Mac has worked with some of the most creative artists working today like: Stanley Mouse, Rick Rietveld (founder and artist for Maui and Sons) and Jim Phillips ( NHS Skate Boards ) as well as Doug Wright owner of the Wright works.

Mac graduated from The School of Visual Arts in New York, NY with a Bachelors degree in Commercial Design.


Kristi McCune  

 Owner / Office Manager


 Kristi is a specialist in Customer Service having over 15 years experience in one on one communications and personal interaction with the public.  She has organized and run her own volunteer community service group for over 6 years and joined our team as a solid marketing and public relations liaison.  She obtained her BS in Applied Psychology at OIT as well as a AAS in Criminal Justice at KCC.


Haywood Macabre


Haywood is a tech with over 5 years experience, and is a very talented musician when not working on computers

Jeanette Riley

Office Manager

Jeanette has over 30 years experience in Management and is one of the nicest people ever come in and say Hi!

Phil Wick


Phil is a Tech with over 20 years experience, Phil has a BS degree in business computer systems and is a certified PC computer tech.